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The Robert Sheppard Symposium – Teaser

I’m humbled and proud to say that I have been rubbing shoulders with some of my favourite and most respected poets, working behind the scenes for The Robert Sheppard Symposium since September 2016.

The date of the event is quickly approaching – with so many incredible poets joining, it promises to be a fantastic and thought-provoking day!

All info can be found on this flyer:



Top 5 Best Books I Read in 2016

Because not all of 2016 was doom and gloom!

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9 Problems with Sword Art Online

((WARNING: Spoilers ahead!))

Before I start, let me say that I do not dislike Sword Art Online. The show has a lot of great moments and I enjoyed Arcs I and III especially.  But it’s naïve to say that the show does not come with a tonne of problems.

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Transilien quotidien

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“I’d been working on the suit long before the arguments started.”

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Behind the Glasses

“My dad is either a superhero or a spy.”

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